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The Claudio Fiore Show


Welcome to the Claudio Fiore Show

The Claudio Fiore Show is broadcast live every Monday at 8pm UK time presenting new and old Ambient, Chill-out, Trance, House, Downtempo, Tech-House, Electronica, EDM and much more music every week. The show usually lasts for 120 minutes and can be heard live on this page. There are also live twitter feed updates during the show on @TheClaudioFiore on Twitter.


Finally Friday Mix Show


Welcome to the Finally Friday Mix Show

The Finally Friday Mix Show is brought to you by RayzorsEdge Productions in conjunction with The Claudio Fiore Show. Every Friday we bring you a brand new mix to start off your weekend for one of our Finally Friday DJs... DJ RayzorsEdge, Claudio Fiore, Tom Cloverfield, and DJ ScottyB and many more...


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